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Family Engagement


Family Engagement Specialist/FES

Boles ISD ACE understands the importance of involving family members and the extended community in our students’ education.  Without the support of each student’s family and also the community at large, Boles ISD ACE wouldn’t be what it is – namely a safe, educational, enrichment, and athletic environment for exceptional social emotional growth, academic excellence, and college/career readiness activities.  

Strong partnerships with families and the community are essential for student growth and active student engagement.  These partnerships create an environment that is conducive to the social, emotional, and academic growth of our children.  We are committed to increasing the engagement of families and our community in the education process through the following strategic, coordinated activities:

Boles ISD ACE utilizes a variety of methods to facilitate effective communication among members of our educational community including:

  • Parental information meetings

  • Newsletters at the campus level

  • Written communication as needed

  • Phone/email communication with parents

  • Google Classroom notifications/Google Classroom ACE Activities 

  • Constant communication with each coordinator, FES, and program director

Boles ISD ACE parents are invited and encouraged to participate in a number of school events with their students such as the following:

  • Family Night w/ ACE FES

  • Culinary Presentations/Meals

  • Holiday Events 

  • Viewing Esports tournaments (middle school and high school)

  • Fishing Club Meetings

  • Apparel Design w/ Parents

Boles ISD ACE encourages parents/guardians to be involved in decision-making and information gathering:

  • Parent Surveys

  • Parent Committee Meetings

  • Email/Call Coordinator and/or Program Director

  • Conferences by Appointment

ACE at Boles ISD will equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning by providing free access and assistance:

  • Assistance in utilizing technologies for family needs

  • Virtual Instructional events on using school software and hardware

  • Providing ACE instruction via Google Classroom (middle school and high school largely)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about FES Events on all three campuses, please don’t hesitate to contact Susan Williamson (elementary school coordinator and lead FES) and Jeremy Williams (program director and assistant FES)

FES Event 1

FES Event HS Fall 2021 – Fishing Club Meeting

ACE Family Engagement Events!