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Testing Dates

PSAT- October 14th in Boyd Gym

STAAR Restest- December 8th-11th

April 6th-English 1 STAAR

April 6th- 4th and 7th grade STARR Writing

April 8th-English 2 STAAR


May 4th-U.S. History STAAR

May 5th-Algebra 1 STAAR

May 6th- Biology STAAR

May 6th- 8th grade Science STAAR

May 7th- 8th grade Social Studies STAAR

May 11th-3rd-8th grade Math STAAR

May 12th- 3rd-8th grade Reading STAAR

May 13th- 5th grade Science STAAR

June 22- English STAAR Retest

June 23rd- Algebra 1 STAAR Retest

June 24th-Engish 2 STAAR Retest

June 25th- Biology STARR Retest

June 25th- U.S. History STAAR Retest


February 22nd-April 9th- TELPAS 

STARR ALT 2- March 28th- April 22nd


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