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English IV Newsletter

Carol Dale’s

English IV – Fall Newsletter

A Note to Students and Parents

This newsletter has been created to inform you of class expectations, and other related information.  You will find current assignments and lesson plans on my school web page on the high school web site. If you need to contact me my e-mail address is


School Supplies

Please have wide-ruled notebook paper, pens, and pencils.  



 I have planned to teach several novels and/or excerpts of novels in English IV, which include Of Mice and Men and Macbeth.


Quarterly Grading Policy:

Fifty percent (50%) of the students’ grades consist of daily work to include quizzes, short answer questions, essays, etc., and fifty percent (50%) will consist of tests and projects.


Attendance/Tardy Policies & Exemptions:

Guidelines from the Student Handbook will be closely used to handle these issues.  Remember that poor attendance is sometimes a student’s worst enemy. 


Late Work:

Students are expected to complete assignments by the assigned due date.  Late assignments will be expected to be completed in Lunch Lab or with Mrs. Dale during lunch or after school. Zero’s are not permitted!


Independent Reading 

Students should have something to read independently so as to not interrupt other students who have not completed their work.  


Behavior and Student Handbook:

Students are advised that the rules of the Student Handbook will be enforced in this class. Appropriate dress code will be monitored as well as proper student conduct. Students are also expected to stay awake and on task during class time.


Classroom Rules

Everywhere you go, there are rules you must follow.  Sometimes these rules are explicit, and sometimes they are simply understood.

  • Is it fair?  
  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it important?      

Other rules to remember are: be in your desk when the bell rings, no texting in class, no listening to music in class, raise your hand to speak, and all personal items on the floor--not on your desk, not in your lap, not over your shoulder.