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Peer Assistance and Leadership

PAL is a service based organization that mentors elementary and middle school students and gives then a safe and confidential environment for them to expand their interests and skills. Boles PAL are committed to being a productive service to the community, every six-week period each PAL is required to do a number of service hours. Once a year the PAL group undertakes a Christmas project to help support local families in the community by providing toys and food for the holidays.

2016-17 PALs left to Right, Grant Farley, Victoria Munoz, Clarissa Thomas,Keri Landrith, Fernando Hernandez, Katelynn Hearn, Chris Griffith, Drace Mizell

PALs Seniors, Drace Mizell, Fernando Hernandez, Grant Farley, Victoria Munoz


  • We PAL are tremendously grateful to everyone who sponsored, participated in and contributed to our annual Christmas project. We were fortunate enough to have every present provide for all eight families through you. Your generous contributions provided a plethora of gifts and canned goods for these fortunate families. 2016-2017 PAL would like to say thank you for all your support.
  • ​PAL is prepairing to attend the 30th annual PAL conference form the 26th -28th of January. This is the first time in recent years that Boles PAL will be attending the conference.



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