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Algebra 1 calendar (syllabus)

STAAR Algebra I Formula Chart Current chart that you will use in the STAAR test.


STAAR Algebra 1 formula chart OLD this the old formula chart but is useful because it has all that area and volume formulas on it.  

Sharon Jones

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Retakes will be allowed, upon student request for regular test grades.  The student has three days, from the date that the test was returned to attend two after school tutorials period before retaking the test.   On the third day the retake will be given during after school tutoring. The retake grade will result in the higher grade of the two tests, but not to exceed a 70.


Contact Sharon Jones

Classroom Number:
HS 206
Conference Time:
3rd 9:30-10:16 (regular) 9:20-10:02 (Pep rally)