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October Scholarships

NACEME Scholarship-$2,500 Deadline: October 15

Women’s Ministries Scholarship Program-$20,000 (Deadline: October 15)

NSHAA STEM Scholarship-$1,000 (Deadline: October 15)

Horatio Alger Scholarship-$2,5000 (Deadline: October 25) https://scholars.horatioalger/scholarships/

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship-$160,000 (Deadline: October 30)

SP High School Scholarship-$10,000 (Deadline: October 31)

Voive of Democracy Scholarship- $30,000 (Deadline: October 31)

Coca-Cola Scholars Program-$20,000 (Deadline:october 31)

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship- Deadline October 31 https://scholarships360.orr/scholarship/zombie-apocalypse-scholarship/

Freinds of Texs Public Schools Scholarship- $2,500 (Deadline October 31_



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