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Welcome to Boles ISD 

Home of the Fightin’ Hornets!


Attention Boles ISD!  Please read the following information regarding an exciting Community Service Project for Boles ISD.  

Together, we can make a difference!


Boles Elementary 

Community Service Project

Each school year, Boles Elementary students participate in a fund raising community service project.  This project allows the students the opportunity to learn firsthand that serving and helping others is an important part of life. The students learn the joy of generosity and discover that when communities of people come together with a common goal, amazing things can be accomplished. We, the Bole’s family, hope that these virtues will continue and carry over throughout the rest of our student’s lives. 

 Over the past few years, Boles Elementary School students and community have rallied together and raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities such as the American Heart Association and Saint Jude’s Hospital through the Hoops for the Heart program and the Math-a-Thon.  Both of these foundations provide phenomenal aide and charity to children all over Texas and the United States.

This year, our community project is moving in a little different direction.  We will be looking inwardly at providing current and future Boles Elementary students with a new and improved playground.  Our current playground is in need of improvements.  We are in the process of planning and devising a new concept for our playground.  We would like to provide our students with a play area that offers safety and diverse play options.  Creative free play is extremely important in the development of a child.  The new playground will afford the students the opportunity to develop cognitively, socially, physically, and creatively in a safe, enclosed environment. 

Having a service project that is close to home will allow our students and the Boles community to have shared ownership in the school.  Students and community patrons will be able to see the fruits of their labor and the children of our community will be able to relish in our generosity.  Beginning in 2017 and going far beyond, we, the Boles family and community, together, will achieve something remarkable that generations of children will enjoy and that the students of today will remember as being part of an amazing community service project that transformed the face of Boles Elementary School.

We look forward to working with you on this grand undertaking.  There will be more updates and information as the project plan is completed and the details are finalized.  Please look for the phase one fundraiser coming home with your child(ren).


With a Playful Heart,

Boles Elementary


West Tawakoni Regional Chamber of Commerce iHeart Volunteer Banquet Award Recipients 

Boles ISD Recipients are as follows:

Catherine Timmons, Secondary Teacher of the Year

Grant Farley, Youth of the Year

Bridget Helmberger, Volunteer of the Year

Kristi Richards, Elementary Teacher of the Year


This is Boles!

Dr. Graham Sweeney, Boles ISD Superintendent, speaks about the unique and welcoming environment Boles ISD offers students, parents, and community members.  Click on the video below to see how special our district is to everyone that calls Boles ISD home.





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