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October is Principals Month

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has proclaimed October 2016 as “Principals Month” in Texas.  In honor of our principals, we are recognizing the elementary and secondary administrators in our school.  Shirley Duran is the Elementary Principal, Gordon Jordan is the Middle School Principal, and Jill Thomason is the High School Principal.  Their school leadership is vital to the success of all students.  We are pleased to recoginze their contributions, leadership, and dedication to Boles ISD.  This month we are featuring each principal on our website and honoring their service to Boles ISD.  We will start by recognizing the newest member of our Administrative Team, Mr. Gordon Jordan, Boles Middle School Principal.


Shirley Duran, Elementary School Principal



Career Highlights:

  • Experience at creating and implementing district level inititatives to effect positive change for students.
  • Developed administrative procedures and regulations to manage school operations.
  • Participated in process of constructing new gymnasium; numerous facility/grouds improvements.
  • Instrumental in setting up Alert Now-Emergency Response System and revising the Boles ISD Emergency Plan.
  • Grant Research/Writing
  • Developed and implemented the RTI process for the entire district.
  • Community Initiative with area schools and Presbyterian Hospital in Greenville to distribute eduational information packets to mothers of newborns.
  • Co-writer of Greenville Phoenix Charter School Application/Presented to SBOE for approval.
  • Developed local policy and procedures under the idrection of the Board of Trustees.
  • Title I Recognized Performance Campus. 


Honored Programs:

  • Nominated and selected for participation in Meadows Principalship Program
  • Ratliff Academy for School Executives 



Mrs. Duran’s hobbies include reading fishing, and kayaking.

Mrs Duran’s favorite color is purple.

Mrs. Duran is married to Bill Duran and they have two wonderful children, Sarah and Taylor.



"Shirley is an amazing role model, team player, friend, and an all around SUPERHERO! She has made my Boles ISD experience nothing short of the best. I admire her wisdom and her knowledge. Her heart for children is inspiring. The interest and time that she invests in not only employees, but also students is one that I could only hope to achieve one day." – Danielle Weatheread (1st Grade Teacher)


“Mrs. Duran is a dedicated leader who is determined to provide a positive learning environment for all students. She supports and guides her teachers to ensure that every student who attends Boles Elementary is successful.” – Amelia Donnenwerth (2nd Grade Teacher)


“Mrs. Duran, the principal, she’s always so super nice and likes me.  She can be funny with jokes too!” – Elijah Mitchell (1st Grade)


“We are the luckiest students in the world because our Principal, Mrs. Duran, is a marvelous principal.  She knows every single student by their first name and that must be at least a hundred little and big students!  She always gives us a sign that she cares and loves us every time she passes us.  She also recognizes us on her wall of Principal Recognition, for doing a great job in school.  Thank you Mrs. Duran, we all love you!” – Kelso Cabesuela (4th Grade)



Dear parents, guardians, and Boles ISD community:

  • In an effort to be as transparent as possible and to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff, we want to send a quick informational update.  Boles ISD is aware of the national trend of “creepy clowns” that are now happening in the metroplex and our area. We have been in communication with our local law enforcement agencies and our administrators are closely monitoring every possible origin of threat against Boles ISD including social media.

  • This is an opportunity for us to remind our children that actions taken  on social media can cause disruptions to the learning environment which unfortunately may result in consequences.

  • As always, the safety of our students is paramount and we will work diligently to maintain a safe learning environment.

  • Therefore, we also want to take this opportunity to inform the Boles ISD community and stakeholders of our decision to disallow any “clown” costumes or masks at the Fall Festival on October 25th. We feel that this is a measure will eliminate uneasy anxiety for our students and allow them to enjoy the festival.


Thank you very much for your attention on this matter.

Go Hornets!

Boles ISD Administration


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